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I'm in Talmadge, about an hour east of Lincoln. The snow started at midnight. We have about a foot.

We got a border collie pup from Puerto Rico in September. He's seen snow a couple of times but nothing like this morning. He went out to the porch, looked at my husband as if to say "you want me to pee WHERE?" and sat down. Steve had to let another dog out with him to get him off the porch.

We're toasty warm by the fire, critters are fed and tucked in for the day, and we'll be decorating the tree soon.

I am too lazy tonight to Log In.. Hehe..

Here we have about 17-20" its hard to tell with all the drifting.. still snowing at the moment, started yesterday morning at 6:30ish. Stopped for about an hour around 3pm this afternoon..

West of Portland, real close to the NH border..


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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