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I agree with the system too and for the same reason as Jena stated, however I have to say it is potentially one more step towards eradicating our freedoms. Try telling a farmer his herd will be destroyed without compensation, and in some parts you'd have open warfare. That sort of thing is more likely to happen without a registery, as the govt. simply can't afford to conpensate everyone affected. Still you have to register as a producer to get the tags so how far behind that will licensing requirments be? I'd like to think I'd pass no problem, but most homesteaders just starting out might find it difficult. Might not too. My mother says she got her drivers license by literally driving around the block, how much harder is it today? I hear ya Blu3duk! National ID tags are a good idea, but does require vigilance. Hey gun registration was laughable not so long ago, where will it all end? Check out this link for information on Canada's system. At least it's run by the cattle "industry". Certainly the current administrators have my support.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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