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I posted about my friend with Pygmies a couple minutes ago, but have questions about another one of her does. She has been coughing off and on for 6-8 months, according to my friend. Her vet said it was lungworms, to give Ivomec monthly. The poor thing looks horrible! She's quite thin. The cough comes and goes as does her weight. Does this sound like lungworms? If so, is there anything else she can give that might take care of them? The vet she's using is a cow vet, so don't know how much he knows about goats.
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Yes it could be lungworms. Lungworms can be treated with ivomec injectable given orally. I don't know about giving it monthly though. For regular worms you give once, and then again in 10 days and if they have a really bad infestation a 3rd treatment in another 10 days. Once they're wiped out your good to go for a while. Try pulling a fecal sample as well to see if she has other worm issues. But Ivomec will work on most all internal parasites.
The problem is that Ivomec comes in many different forms. Not everyone realizes that.
There is injectable. There is cattle type, there is swine type. There is Dog type. There is a Pour on type for cattle. There is an oral paste for Horses. There is Ivomec Plus.

So many different things are all being called Ivomec. They are not all quite the same. Different strengths, different dosages, different applications.
I would wonder if she is on ground that brings on reinfestation to the point that the goat cannot get over it. I bought a heifer with lungworms way back when, treated her and kept her on dry ground, and she recovered very well.

Lungworms - 1% Ivomec injectable used at 1cc per 50 pounds orally.

Levamisole cattle injectable used at 3cc per 100 pounds (overdosing of this can give you salivation, unsteadiness of gate etc.) Also you can use Prohibit same drug as Levamisole. Add one packet to 17 and 1/2 ounces of water, I am using snowcone syrup. Give at 2cc orally per 50 pounds. Be pretty accurate with these weights as this product can cause frothing at the mouth.

Valbazen 1cc per 10 pounds orally.
I had a wether 2 years ago with suspected lung worms cough cough cough, no weight gain just a poor doer, I treated him with 3ml (cc) of injectable Ivermectin ( comes by many names such as Ivomec) orally, repeated at 3 weeks, no more cough and he gained and looked wonderful when I sold him as a pet.
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