Lucky, LUCKY me!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Survival & Emergency Preparedness' started by Terri, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Terri

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    May 10, 2002
    But, I am supposed to be prepared and not have to depend on luck!

    Due to an unexpected cloud cover, the -13 to -20 degree weather never set it. In fact, it is a seasonable 5 above.

    I THOUGHT I was ready for colder weather than the house was designed for. I had the faucet dripping, it was dripping hot water, the cupboard doors under the sinks were open, a space heater was running inside the hen house, and I THOUGHT we were good to go!

    I had no water set aside. None. I did not even have JUICE downstairs, as it was drunk last summer and not replaced.

    If my pipes had frozen we might have been in very sad condition, as if it WAS -20 there is no guarentee that the cars will start as I do not have a heated dipstick for the ooil and I did not have a light on the battery. I did not actually think I NEEDED to go anywhere on Saturday!

    Anyway, back to the water. I do not store water as water is bulky and there is not much room for storage here: it is full of clothes and kids stuff and tools and such. I DID store juice for something to drink that had calories in it, but as I said it had been drunk.

    I HAD always intended to set out pans and pitchers of water before a bad freeze: in fact I have done it often enough!

    But I forgot.


    But, we were lucky and the severe cold never set in.
  2. AngieM2

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    May 10, 2002
    I know - you sent it down here. This is the coldest in 25 years or better here in AL.

    But you are lucky. So far, I am also. I do have some 2 liter bottles of water put aside. I think changing them out would be a good thing to do today.

    19 here in AL, when normal would be about 45 - 50 , and the tv is saying wind chill, but I'm not going out right now to test it.


  3. GoldenCityMuse

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    Apr 14, 2009
    Moving from NM to TX, & back to NM.
    Some water does not take up that much room. 5 gallons would only be 10 64 oz juice bottles. Put 2 under each bed and 2 in the kitchen. Be creative.
  4. Vashti

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    Dec 22, 2006
    SE Colorado
    We are forced to "store" water because we can't cook or drink the water from our tap - we get notices regularly from the water dept. that it's full of radon 233. Yay us.

    On another note, I'd love some of that cold as long as it comes with snow. It's been brown and dry, and cold, but I want SNOW. So, send some my way, please!
  5. Ann-NWIowa

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    Sep 28, 2002
    We have 30 or so inches of snow on the ground, on top of the house and everywhere else. You are welcome to all you want to haul away. We do not deliver.

    We did not get below -20º last night as forecast which is the only nasty they've missed since winter began.