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Lucia's Little Houses

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I saw these folks advertised in Fine Homebuilding. They have some cute plans.
I'd love to build "Getting On The Land" as a guest cabin overlooking the river.
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Somedays you have to buy plans... we built a home on the coast and due to coastal regulations, etc and our lack of having ever built a home that had to stand up to gale force winds, we went with a simple plan like this... Do not regret it for a moment and have very little that we'd change if we were to ever do this again. We enjoyed the thinking and planning phase and new that this was 'THE' house for us when we first saw the plans. The plans made it quite simple and easy and, naturally, passed the architectural and zoning boards in the are without any difficulties.

Kinda like sewing,,, I like a purchased pattern there too... easy for me to understand and zip right through the project. ; ) Can I 'free lance' it? you bet,,, do I always want to... Nope...

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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