lubricating the old maytag wringer washer

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  1. bgoeps

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    Oct 6, 2009
    I have just finished cleaning, belt changing, rewiring etc. my old (1935 last patent date) Maytag gyratator washing machine. There is a gear box to drive the machine and wringer so I figure there must be some form of lubrication for it yet I see no way to get any oil (I would assume it would want like a 90 wt oil) into the gear box. There is a very small aluminum knob that when turned opens up a very small hole (a vent hole I would assume) but that is it. I am very anxious to do my first load but don't want to hurt anything. Anybody any help??? thanks, Bgoeps
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    Jul 26, 2002
    Mine is much younger than yours but when I was given mine by a friend, she had no documentation with it. I called Maytag to see if I could possibly BUY a photocopy of the owner's manual with it. NO. They had NEW copies and sent me one for free.

    If you can't get one from them, PM me and I'll check my manual for comparable information. There is a downloadable technician's manual available at this site for $17+ that is far more detailed than my owner's manual.

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    Nopt6 having a Machine to look at I know that the Gears need oil because I had one break the seal and got oil all over just can't remember where to put it in.

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