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LOVE this volumetrics cookbook!

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today's lunch -
Risotto Primavera
290 calories per 1 and a half cups!
Yea, for that italian rice dish I thought I couldn't eat anymore, modified to be healthy and yummy!

You guys should check this out. It's pretty veggie intensive, which makes it perfect for all you gardeners out there. :) Not one bad recipe yet, and it is designed to give you more food on less calories. So if you are struggling with hunger...

Just FYI on a tool that is really helping me with weightloss.

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I will have to check that out also, love cookbooks! Pam
I should say it's the one by barbara rolls, PhD. Not the one by Jenny Craig. :) I didn't know there was a Jenny Craig volumetrics book until last night when I was looking for another book by Rolls. There aren't any new ones by Rolls. BUMMER.

I have that book and you are right, it is yummy!
I too wish she would come out with another but once you start paying attention you can use the ideas and make your own recipes with volumetrics principles.
Today I am making homemade broth (beef) because starting a meal with a cup of broth really fills you up!
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