Love in the Walls

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by Clara Bell, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. Clara Bell

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    Dec 25, 2003
    Why? That was my first thought when son found it when he was busting out his corner of the old kitchen walls. Why is a love letter in these walls?
    I hope I can make this work out without too much experimentation, posting the photos!!!!!
    Son that gave me 2 days slave labor on the farm for my Christmas present from him and his wife found a love letter behind 2 clads of interior wall in the corner he was working in. I wanted to find a mason jar of gold Mr. Coffey might have hidden in these walls. Instead we find a heart cut out of paper with a love letter to his wife hidden in the second edition of this old farm house. Or did his wife put it there while the men were busy with the "new" edition?
    And now I have to go through 9 bags of rubble tomorrow, because I lost the heart. I lost the heart in the clean up! And there are still a lot of Coffey's in this county that would love finding out old man Hardy Coffey was not a mean old man. He really had a heart, and loved!
    I guess you'd have to live here to understand.
    My son got a big kick delivering his Christmas present of 2 days slave labor and finding this treasure. Never know what we will find, stepping into someone else's homesteading.
    And LIFE goes on.
  2. Kathy in MD

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    May 30, 2002
    WEll maybe the love letter did not come from Mr. Coffey and Mrs. Coffey wanted to hid it from a certain one's eyes.......or
    The love letter just slipped between the walls at one point in time
    I would place it back between the new walls and my own love letter to my family, so when and if their are discovered by another that person can have as much joy as you had discovering them.
    BTW what a great son you have.....

  3. kppop

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    Dec 3, 2004
    When my dh was installing out woodstove in our front he too found a love letter. It was 10-27-1857 and it found on 10-27-02. It was a from soldier and he talked of the war and talked of someone named "Grant" being injured but doing well. It's a very sweet letter but written in such elaborate cursive that it's almost too hard to read. We also found newspaper clippngs talking about the presidential election and the possiblity of Grant running.

    Kim in Mi
  4. kesoaps

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    Dec 18, 2004
    Washington State
    You lost it? Oh no!

    Do you ever watch that show...If Walls Could Talk? They find all sorts of things in old homes. If I were in your house right now I'd have half the place stripped apart looking for more stuff! :haha: think there's a jar of gold in the walls? What kind of stories did the place come with, anyway?
  5. happycat

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    Dec 22, 2003
    Central Washington
    What a neat find! Sorry you lost it and have to go through the rubble.
    That is a much better discovery than what dh & I found when we were remodeling the master bath of our last house. We pulled out the old vanity (late 60's or early 70's) and painted on the side was "Sex is Great".

    The guys at the City cleanup day had a laugh with that one when I took a truckload of debris to get rid of!

    BTW what a terrific gift from your son!
  6. FolioMark

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    May 10, 2002
    illinois but i have a homestead building in missou
    When we pulled down the old plaster in our house to insulate we found all kinds of neat stuff in the walls including two letters from the first owner, Mr. Littler dated in late 1892. In one of them, he asks his wife if the plasterers have finished in the new house yet so we are pretty certain the house was built in 1892. The interesting thing is that he is in Iowa speculating heavily in farm land and he writes back to his wife to have her urge everyone they know to buy land in Iowa. However in 1893, we discovered the Littlers werent living in the house and had moved down the avenue to a much smaller home and in the next year Mr. Littlers coal business had gone bankrupt. We think Mr. Littler must have lost his shirt in the Crash of 1893 and had to sell his dream house(our house). It would explain why our house never did get finished flooring despite having very nice interior trim. a fancy coal furnace, two bathrooms and electric light. The family that bought Mr Littlers house in 1893 lived there until just before WW2. In fact one day, Jon noticed an old lady sitting in her car in front of our house with a quizical look on her face. Jon went out to ask if she needed help. She asked if our house was no.206 and Jon said yes. She smiled and pointed upstairs to the front bedroom and said, "I was born in that room in 1921." She wasnt sure it was the right house because in her day, there had been two huge old trees in front. Jon explained that one tree was lost in the big ice storm in 1989, the year we bought the house and the other had been lost the year before when a big wind storm split it in half and the city cut it down. The old lady told us all about the house in the 1920s when she was a girl. When we sell the house, we plan on passing on the old letters from Mr. Littler and the history notes we have to the new owners.