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A friend of mine just called to say one of her show whippets jumped the fence on Sunday and hasn't been seen since. This dog is very social so may approach strangers. The dog came from New Hampshire and seemed depressed in the new home so there is a slight chance the dog has decided to find it's way back home in New Hampshire.


*Unneutered male whippet.
*Large/could be mistaken for a small greyhound
*Self fawn with small amount of brindling...tiny bits of white trim
Will answer to his name...."Riser"

Owner: Sue Nichols
Owego, NY (near Binghamton, NY)


If you are unable to contact Sue please feel free to either email me or give me a call. If there is a sighting, several whippet organizations and individuals are ready to go to the sighting area to search but so far no one has seen the dog. At this point he could be anywhere.

Please forward to anyone that might help or might be in a position to hear about lost/found dogs.


Diana (Willow101)
[email protected]
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