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I have a question about a goat with only one side of her udder milking. I had a few singletons born and managed to keep both sides of the udders of all the mamas working, except for one.
Due to an intense schedule one weekend, this goat's udder dried up completely on one side! I am using her to nurse (in the milkstand) a kid that is young enough to need a lot of milk but would NOT take the bottle, I tried for DAYS very patiently and only managed to dribble a few ounces in after a long time each feeding. (Her own kid, a buckling, was sold at a few weeks old, at the same time I sold the mama of the kid she is nursing in the stand.)
I don't know how this works---if she kids next year and, say, has twins, will she still only have one working udder? If this is true, I must cull her, which would be a shame.
TIA! Jill.
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