Loose Minerals or Mineral Block?

Discussion in 'Goats' started by Maple Tree Farm, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Maple Tree Farm

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    Jun 1, 2006
    The local TSC has in stock a mineral block labeled for goats and loose minerals labeled for cattle and goats on pasture. Does it really matter which kind I use for the 2 nubian does I am getting this weekend? They are going to have a little over an acre of browse fenced in. Feed will be last year second cut hay and first cut hay from this year. Also the are that they will be fenced in has a few places that is very wet, is there anything I should do before they arrive to help keep possible worm populations down?
  2. Sweet Goats

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    Nov 30, 2005
    It is best to have the loose mineral out along with baking soda. The reason for the loose is that they would have to lick the block for a long period of time to get all the minerals they need, and if they licked the block for that long it will burn the toung and they won't get enough. I have seen goats take mouth full of minerals. I have several loose mineral containers all over the place, but I do have the blocks also.

  3. tioga12

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    Jun 26, 2006
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    :shrug: Use the loose-they just can't get what they need from the blocks for some reason. Sweetlix has some good ones you can get (check at Agway if you have one where you are) Ours sells 25# bags for about 13.50 for the medicated sweetlix with rumensin-they might have the regular also...
    You can sprinkle the medicated kind on the food or mix it in with the bulk feed, but don't give it seperately free choice.
    One more thing-if you have chickens they will gobble up that block!
  4. AllWolf

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    Dec 26, 2005
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    For my goats I use the loose type. Blocks for goats isn't good for them because they can chip or break a tooth and that would hurt.. OUCH..

    I give my goats Ultralyx for goats not for sheep and they love it..

    Good Luck with your goats. :)