Looking for Pgymy Goat owners in my area of Oklahoma

Discussion in 'Goats' started by sonielikeasong, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. sonielikeasong

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    Apr 4, 2005
    My husband and I are new pgymy goat owners... since Sept 2004....We have found it difficult to find very many in our area that are knowledgeable about the Pgymy Goat bred....It has even been difficult to find vets to help us with information. We were able to attend a Goat-a-thon in Kellyville,Oklahoma this past weekend but it was mostly for dairy goat owners. It was extremely helpful and fun though. Because of the information we received on giving injections and care of newborn kids and how to's on casterating and debudding...we felt encouraged to make withers of our 3 newborn bucks and give them their DPT's yesterday. When one of our does gave birth to triplets in February, we lost one of the kids because of the lack of knowing someone that could help us prepare for the event....or come to our aid in an emergency. ONLINE information is wonderful but I believe that hands on and a friend who's been there and done that is extremely encouraging! Just looking for owners that would love to share their info on the Pgymy Goat bred and share their experiences about the care of their herd.
  2. dale anne

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    Apr 28, 2004
    Howdy sonie...I have the same problems as you with vets and other breeders..I live in arkansas right on the ark la tex border..ok is not to far from me either...Due to the lack of vets that will tend goats i am taking courses for vet assitant. I plan to advertise after done with school...1 we have no goat vets or vets that will look at goats...2 all vets are closed on weekends 3 vets around here wont even come out for a horse down...so i think my services will be needed...we do have a few goat farmers round here but I think they just breed them to be breeding..cant say I would buy any from them.....I raise pygmys and starting our own kinder breeding program under the sanctions of the NDA. I have 1 nubian as of now but looking to buy more that are registered...talk about hard to come by around here!.....cant find a reg pygmy buck either...so looks as if I will have to travel for them once gas prices come down...I cant say I know everything about goats but have done some extensive research and know a bit..have had them going on 5 years full time and only lost 1 due to illness and 1 due to injury...not bad I dont think...lol....I think with goats its like owning any other animal ya learn but ya dont always know everything...I would like to chat with ya any time ya want to...lots of real good folks on here also that can tell ya way more then I can at this point.....dale anne

  3. missbecky

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    Jun 4, 2004
    I wish you all lived in NY.
    I have a pygme male that i would love to get rid of.
    You all live too far away.
    He's nine months old and his birth line is clean.
    He's not a brotherson if you know what i mean.
    His parents are not related.
    We've had a sign up for about a month now and not one bite.
    He's a spunky little buck.
    I have only a few "pets". We have 2 females and one male. But one of our females is about to give birth soon. I just don't want a million running around.
    I am fortunate to have a good vet who will see goats but he's expensive.
    To wither my goat it will be around 100 bucks.
    He wants to anestitise him.
    Any way I am just talking and not much help to you.
    But it is fun to get to know other goat owners.

    ~ Becky