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If you use an agent, use a "One call does it all" type. A full time agent who handles multiple properties in your area, has contacts and a potential list of buyers, doesn't have a local agent do his showings, won't bs you, answers their phone, and has a reputation/history for getting it done. They may also recommend you have a home inspection done BEFORE you list it, so that there are no surprises to either a) run off potential buyers or b)allow the buyer to leverage repairs against your final price.
In other words, anyone with an RE license can stick your house on the MLS and wait for another agent to make a commission for them. If you are going to pay 7% of the sale, then get your monies worth.
Now, if you are comfortable dealing with buyers face to face, and don't have a home a lender is going to have problems loaning money against ie code violations, major repairs needed, etc, have an attorney draw up some contracts, find a decent title company, start listing and have at it.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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