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Looking for a feed formula for cows, sheep, goats, llamas, horses!

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About a month ago, I posted looking for grain storage solutions for a small farm ...

This morning I bought my solution ... a gravity wagon. :)

Our mill does custom mixing ... I'm looking for "recipes" for a feed mixture that would be good for a dairy cow, horses (easy keepers), llamas, goats AND sheep!

(I remember someone saying they also had all of the above animals ... and a good feed recipe ... but I can't find my original post and can't remember their name!)
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I suspect you are going to find all of these have different nutritional needs, such as protein levels. They are likely to vary also by time of year and if the animal is pregnant and/or lactating. You are likely to save on feed if bought in bulk, but here one size does not fit all.

Ken S. in WC TN
If you load it with a cracked corn, rolled barley, and soy mix that dropped out a 14-16% ration you could boost the protein for lactating animals with a pellet or more meal. Not sure about the horse or llama though, but it would suit the other ruminanats as a base feed. Sheep benefit from coarse ground feed, and don't handle fine stuff as well as some. You'll have to free choice the mineral seperately.
If you're grinding or rolling the feed doesn't keep as well either. This is especially true in the heat and humidity of summer. When buying ground feed I try not to have it around longer than two weeks.
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