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    Apr 29, 2013
    Howdy everyone!

    I've actually been on the site and getting info for years, back when we lived on a 5 acre homestead in Texas.

    However, we left our Home Sweet Home (and tractor and chickens, etc.) in the bayou to move back to our familiar frozen north (we're originally from Rochester, NY and Boston, MA).

    We rented a lovely home on the river for the last year, but we're finally about to close on our very own little piece of country. An 8 acre wooded plot with a lovely wood-stove heated home surrounded on 3 sides by cattle farming and corn fields.

    The plan is currently to clear an acre or two of it for a goat pasture/shelter and chicken coop, and maybe someday down the line to clear 3 additional acres to put in a 1 acre recreational/stocked pond. Maybe beehives, maybe lots of dog fostering, maybe a dirt track around the perimeter. Who knows? That's the beauty of having your own place, I suppose.

    I don't have many original questions, so search covers most of my needs, but I figured after this long it was proper to introduce myself!
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