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    Jul 15, 2005
    Well the wife and teen daughter have been gone for 3 weeks now visiting my granddaughter in Md. Since they will be coming home tomorrow and I have all (well most of) the honey do while I am gone list done I figured I could take one day and do nothing productive.
    I spent the afternoon sitting at the local cow auction and watching the cows cross the selling block.

    Here is some of what was sold……………….
    Mixed scrub goats
    Lot of 4 Nanny…..350 lbs total…..$62.50 each
    Big Billy……..$65 to $75
    Big Nanny………$70

    Boar Goats
    Lot of 5.……255 lbs total $52.50 each
    Billy……55 lbs $85.00.…and 110lbs….$90.00

    Hampshire York cross pigs
    Lot of 6.….640 lbs total….. .41
    Lot of 3.….215 lbs total…. .50

    Nice 7yr old mare (lady said she paid $1400 5 yrs ago)…..$975.
    Nice 10 yr old gelding………$550.
    Nice Kids horse….2 yr old filly….$525.
    OK but not great 11yr old mare with colt at side $650 for both
    So So 10 yr old mare with small filly at side $375.

    3 yr old fresh Holstein X…..Nice average grade cow with calf at side….$1075.
    They turned around and sold the heifer calf for $185

    Lot of 4 Holstein yearlings……..$825 each (nice grade cows)
    3 teat Holstein yearling……..$400

    Holstein Jersey X yearling Heifers……$400 to $500
    1 ½ yrs (not breed) $875

    Guaranteed Good 3 yr old Holstein bull said to be out of a good 100lb+ cow…………Offered at $1000 but did not sell.

    Bottle calves
    Nice Holstein…..$375. (only had 1)
    Had one nice Holstein but had a small limp $230.
    Holstein Jersey X….$175 to $325 depending on size and spunk.
    Holstein beef X…..$90. To $170 depending on size and spunk.

    Bull calves
    Holstein…..1 small for $105. But average was $130 to $145
    1 totally blind bull calf $20.
    Holstein X…$60 to $130

    Holstein Steers
    Lot of 8.…470 lbs each….. .875
    Lot of 15.….. 570 lbs each… .90
    Singles sold for .83 to 1.15

    Bad Heifer yearling .60

    Beef cross 200 to 300 lbs (The big ear and Angus crosses sold highest.)
    Bulls 1.20 to 1.30
    Heifers .85 to 1.35

    I did not stay long enough to see the cow calf pairs or cull dairy cows sell.
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    Aug 19, 2002
    Thank you for the perspective John, I really appreciate it. Prices here are usually higher. Direct from farm Holstien bull calves going for $125 to $175 at 4 days old, depending on farm. Holstein heifer calves unavailable. From the farm Jersey bull calves start at $75. Jersey heifer calves really hard to find starting at $300. I paid $120 for my Jersey bull calf at auction and two weeks later one sold at same auction for $90. Bottle beef calves going for $190 - $250 depending on age and whether they are trained to bottle. Swine sows and barrows selling at .35/lb boars at .10/lb. Kids at about $35, does depends and bucks depends. I try to go to sale often since I live off grid and it is an air conditioned , pleasant , and informative afternoon.

  3. Ken Scharabok

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    May 11, 2002
    I took three head to Dickson, TN (west-central TN) last Tuesday.

    13-14 month old TX Longhorn/Angus cross (black and white spotted) weighed 1105 and sold for $.54.

    Cow calf pair. She was 1310 and heifer calf 430. She was Brahman/Holstein cross. Didn't stay to see her preg checked, but probably peg/2-3 months bred. They separated them. She went for slaughter at $.46. Calf went for $1.10 to a feedlot. $1,075.60 for pair. Last spring a similar pair may have gone for $1,200.
  4. Up North

    Up North KS dairy farmers

    Nov 28, 2005
    Shoot John, Them :1pig: :1pig: are HALF PRICE. Reckon I better hook up the Trailer. If I leave now I MIGHT make it in time for next week's sale, LOL.
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    Mar 28, 2005
    North Central Idaho, Zone 5
    Cottonwood Livestock Auction, Idaho County

    Market Report

    August 11, 2006


    Market Comment: Light test on all classes. Market figures are from the sale of August 4th. No sale Fair Week August 18th, Feeder sale August 25th, 800 head and 3 -2yr old angus breeding bulls already consigned. No sale September 1st.

    Head Sold: 1104

    Steers: 300-400lbs 120.00 to 144.00

    400-500lbs 110.00 to 132.00

    500-600lbs 110.00 to 122.00

    600-700lbs 110.50 to 118.00

    700-800lbs 108.00 to 112.50

    800+ lbs 101.00 to 106.50


    200-400lbs 108.00 to 125.00

    400-500lbs 108.00 to 121.00

    500-600lbs 106.00 to 116.50

    600-700lbs 102.00 to 112.00

    700-800lbs 103.00 to 107.40

    800+ lbs 101.00 to 104.00


    Boning: 42.50 to 48.50

    Feeder: 47.00 to 58.00

    Breaker: 38.00 to 45.00

    Canner/Cutter: 32.00 to 38.00

    Heiferettes: 58.00 to 78.00

    Bulls: 52.00 to 62.00

    Baby Calves: 95.00 to 225.00 per head

    Stock Cows: 650.00 to 975.00 per head

    Pairs: 850.00 to 1100.00 per pair
  6. john in la

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    Jul 15, 2005

    1/2 price????????????? I do not every remember seeing a pig sell for $1 a lb around here.

    That could full well be that we do not sell a lot of pigs at auction around here.
    We have 3 auctions a week and you can find a milk calf at any; but you could go for weeks on end and never see anything more than a 10 cent a lb cull pig or a pig that looks like it is 1/2 razorback.

    With a lack of selling animals brings a lack of good buyers and a reduced sale price.

    Weaned pigs for home raising are even hard to find in private sales. I give $30 for the last one I bought but that has been almost 10 yrs ago. The guy I bought from went out of business and I have not had the ambition to find another supplier.
    The kids are moving out so we use less meat now; the wife eats only chicken; and USDA rules have put some butchers out of business; so I just lost interest in raising my own meat.
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    May 10, 2002
    From Lancaster Farming:

    New Holland Sales Stables
    Slaughter Cattle and Calf Auction Report for Monday, August 7, 2006

    Cattle - Calves

    Compared to last Monday, slaughter cows sold steady to .50 higher. Slaughter
    bulls near steady. Cow run at 236 head this Monday, with 43 head of bulls. All
    prices per cwt.

    Slaughter Cows:
    Percent Lean Bulk High Dressing Low Dressing
    Breakers 75-80 48.00-53.00 ----------- 44.25-48.25
    Boners 80-85 46.00-49.00 ----------- 41.75-44.25
    Lean 85-90 41.00-45.75 ----------- 37.00-40.00

    Slaughter Bulls: Yield Grade 1 1055-1905 lbs 61.00-72.00, couple 2220-2435
    lbs 53.00-55.75, high dressing to 75.00, low dress 53.50-57.50. Bullocks 1145-
    1405 lbs 72.25-83.00, couple fancy 90.00-92.00.

    Calves: Compared to last Monday, bulk of the bull calves sold 10.00-20.00
    lower. All prices per cwt.

    Holstein Bull Calves Going Into Special-fed Veal Barns: Number 1 85-110 lbs
    165.00-197.00, bulk 175.00-190.00. Number 2 85-115 lbs 130.00-185.00, bulk
    135.00-175.00. Number 3 80-115 lbs 100.00-165.00, bulk 100.00-130.00. Utility
    Bulls 40-110 lbs 37.00-82.00, to slaughter 11.00-45.00.

    Pigs sold steady to 25.00 lower. Exception was a few packages of 22-23 lb pigs that sold 20.00-30.00 higher. All pigs are state
    graded and sold on their in-weights, with prices quoted per
    hundred weight.

    Grade Head - Weight - Price
    US 1-2 4 .. 22 lbs .. 300.00
    43 .. 22-23 lbs .. 200.00-210.00
    27 .. 27 lbs .. 80.00-85.00
    15 .. 29 lbs .. 65.00
    18 .. 30-32 lbs .. 80.00-85.00
    104 .. 34-45 lbs .. 60.00-75.00, pkg 85.00
    37 .. 46-48 lbs .. 85.00-90.00
    3 .. 53 lbs .. 55.00

    US 2 2 .. 17 lbs .. 285.00
    230 .. 24-42 lbs .. 62.00-90.00
    4 .. 51 lbs .. 60.00