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    Mar 27, 2005
    We have a spectacular homestead in the wilderness in British Columbia with rivers, mountains, lake, hiking, etcetera adjoining a huge provincial park. We are seeking a couple or individual to come and live here to help co-create/complete our wonderful homestead. Potentially, we are looking at "sharing" the place with another couple (ideally) or individual. At the least, we will provide all of life's basic necessities (food, shelter, music and more), plus potential for a wide variety of additional short or long-term living/working opportunities; whateve we work out that is agreeable and mutually beneficial.

    The Place

    This is a remote wilderness mountain area, and we are in a valley bottom. A beautiful river lined with seemingly endless willow trees runs through the property and later joins another river in the adjacent provincial park. There are meadows, a pond, mountain views, nearby lakes, old horse-riding trails/hiking trails. We are surrounded by forest containing pine, spruce, alder, cottonwood as well as firs, some of which are over 500 years old. A very short hike and you enter a rarely utilized section of a huge provincial park which contains a winding dramatic river. It took much diligent searching to find a place so wonderful. Envision and work hard and almost anything is possible.


    British Columbia cannot be weather-typed easily or accurately because there are so many micro-climates. For BC, this area is quite moderate because this is a fairly dry climate, influenced by the temperate BC coast. A typical summer day might peak around 20 to 27 degrees Celsius (68 to 81 Fahrenheit) with a pleasant cooling off at night. Late winter and early-middle fall the weather is most inviting with the coldest nights typically being near to just below freezing and moderate sunny days. It is a fairly dry climate, and in my experience you will even find some January and February days when you can be outside in anything from a T-shirt to a long-sleeve heavy T. But, we do have winter, it can get quite cold. More upon request.


    Two humans. (plus a few neighbors a short hike away), horses, cats, and if you're just brilliantly intuitive (or read the e-mail address) you might expect lots of dogs. You would simply be amazed how well behaved the dogs are 99% of the time as well as incredibly loving and a blast to hike with anywhere.

    We are open and creative people, hard working and practical. We love to brainstorm big, consider different ideas and then make final decisions. For us, living with others is a matter of being considerate of one another and fostering an open dialogue. Paramount is intention. We enjoy working with other people and view the experience akin to writing a song together: it doesn't matter who comes up with the best idea or melody or lyric, it's not about ego, it's about creating a good song. We intend to invite your creativity and inspiration.


    There is a twenty-five year old truly hand-built (only hand tools and
    horses) two-story log cabin with a front porch. I built a back porch for additional storage. As well, I renovated the kitchen. We built a large two-story structure, the bottom half is for extensive storage and the second story is a substantial partially completed greenhouse. There is an additional shed and I'm looking at building a couple of other small summercottages which can readily be assembled from materials on the property. The cabin is equipped with running water and a new sizeable solar system. Wood heater, wood cookstove and propane stove/range.


    We have satellite internet access, satellite TV (currently we don't watch)and telephone. Many wilderness locations do not have phone service. Please understand, this is a remote area. You will drive several hours before you will reach a small city, with a smattering of very small towns along the way. Anyone promising to deliver a pizza to you here in 30 minutes or less either has no idea where this is or has access to space alien technology. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think ahead about your needs if you desire to be here. If you just have to have chocolate or popcorn, AA batteries or a sponge, cat food or even a cat, then consider it in advance. [A wise one
    said "Bring it with you and consider a spare"] I would never trade the
    peace and quiet, beauty and clean air, star-filled nights, Northern lights, and the myriad other benefits to being here for the "convenience" of a convenience store just down the road. We stock up and have a lot of spare odds and ends here and usually someone is coming and going from the Valley every couple of weeks. We have an ample supply of most hand and power tools, a generator, lots of medicinal herbs, a sizeable supply of stored grains, juicers, grinders, etc. There are many books on herbal medicine, alternative healing, homesteading, spirituality and more. Music? We love
    music and have several hundred cds, plus with the internet there's an
    endless supply of tunes.

    There are several projects on hand, the most likely of which is constructing a passive solar super-insulated house. I poured the foundation last yearand nearly all the materials to build the house are on hand. And, of course, there's the basic homesteading, buttoning up the greenhouse, gardening and more. However, what we choose to work on will depend, in part, on your interests, how long you desire to be here and when, and we look forward to discussing that with you. We have other significant projects we are considering such as taking further steps to conserve this land for future generations, formalizing a non-profit animal rescue, and a number of dynamic and creative business ideas. What your role will be in any and all of these matters will depend entirely on further discussions and your interests and skills.

    Please feel free to write back with further questions and feedback.
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    Oct 14, 2003
    Im curious to see if you've had any response and how is that going for you?

    I wish offers like these would come around a bit more often, but closer to my area, or rather province.

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    Mar 27, 2005
    Thanks for your interest. I'm first checking right now. Not many replies. Frankly, I'm stunned that more people wouldn't jump at the chance. This is like offering a homestead on a silver platter---for the price of some effort. Do you have any thoughts on how or where else to reach people with this information?

    Thank you.

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    Central Oregon
    I wish......I wish...... darn, not feasible ....... :waa:
    I hope you find the right person (s). It sounds wonderful. I envy you. Good luck to you.

    p.s. Any takers for you yet?