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Little curly worms all over, help!

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Hi Folks: Our basement has been infested with little "worms" that are about an inch long, that curl up when they die. About a thousand of them have chosen our basement as their final resting place. While standing outside the other night, I noticed them crawling around on the concrete outside. Over the next couple of days, I spent about an hour getting them up off the entire basement floor with a shop vac. I cannot post a pic, but I will describe them the best I can. They are brown, sectional, with a hard shell. We live in N.GA, and it has been very hot and humid. Very rarely do we see any alive in the basement, but the floor is just covered with the curled up creatures.
Any ideas on how to prevent these little critters from getting in our basement?
Thanks in advance, GOR.
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Here is a site with some info"

Make sure you don't touch them without gloves. You can try a dehumidifier in the basement, that might help. Also, leaving a light on in the basement may discourage them from coming in.
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