Little Bunny, Big Day

Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by Terry W, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Terry W

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    Mar 10, 2006
    NE Ohio
    well, yesterday was the first (hopefully of many) Earth Day Events for LEC SAFE to host at school. We members "threw" the event together in less than two weeks, due to uncertainbty about funding> The event was deemed a success-- two newspapers even had photographers and reporters out there. I took along two fish "setups" the standard Betta in a vase, and a small tank with plants, rocks, and two tiny goldfish for kids to explain which fish was happier! I also took along Velvet-- my male Mini Rex. he got one of his back feet painted so he could leave a "handprint" on the mural. poor thing had to suffer the indignity of getting the foot washed off in the ladies room sink! A classmate of mine then took him outside for some sun and fresh air. He did extremely well-- the music from the band did not seem to bother him, he sat quietly for pictures with kids, snuggled on my shoulder as he got petted, and during breaks in his cage, very nicely chowed down on food and water. He got a treat of an organic banana chip-- one chip. And I think I found a new treat foir the rabbits now. He is such a laid back boy, very curious and gentle. For all the ooohs and aahhhs, he created yesterday, the money I spent on having the abcess removed from him ( he was a free bunny) was quite worth it. I sure hope he is fertile--this is the kind of temperament one wants to pass on. And when I can figure how to imbed a pic in this, you will see one of my crew. I think I will have to attend a rabbit show or two to see how he stacks up against others of his kind...

    He was soo good-- I stopped by my mother's and got some fresh turnip greens for the bunnies. they are all munching away now, and Velvet is regaling the other three with his tales of adventure. Not once did he pee on anybody!!! Such a GOOD boy!! :angel:
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    Feb 6, 2006
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    Good bunny, indeed! And good for you, raising the awareness of children to the wonder of animals and the need to care for them well. Some kids lead such artificial lives these days... It must have been a thrill for them to learn all about Velvet.

  3. Honorine

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    Feb 27, 2006
    Mini Rex bucks can be real loves, all of mine have been very sweet, does can be wicked though. Bucks really do make better pets I think. Sounds like it was a lovely day and everyone enjoyed it! Check out some rabbits shows, their a great deal of fun, but don't be upset if your buck doesn't 'measure up'. Mini Rex is a very popular and competative breed, some of those bunnies on the table will sell for 100-300 bucks, its a rough breed to be in.