Liquid soap too thick

Discussion in 'Soapmaking' started by adamtheha, May 5, 2013.

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    Mar 14, 2007
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    I've been on the forum for years, but I'm new at soapmaking.
    I made a batch of liquid soap that was exceptional, completely clear, no lumps etc. I decided to make a bit larger batch, maybe 30% larger, and added about 8% coconut oil. The rest was the same, but I've now got the thickest batch I've ever seen, even after adding 200% more water than the recipe calls for!
    It's also very "creamy" looking, and I even added more lye to try and clarify it, my reasoning being that not all the oils are saponified, and I can always neutralize extra lye with Borax later.
    Still thick as taffy, still looks like lotion almost.
    Thoughts? Can it be saved? The oils were 45% canola, 37% olive, and 8% coconut, no scents, and I'm using potassium hydroxide crystals.
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