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Lines at the polls this morning

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I got to the township building at 7:15 this morning and there was no place to park! Cars filled the lot and were parking out on the road. A line out the door meant a fairly long wait, but also a chance to say good morning to the neighbors. Inside I found that I was #59. VERY unusual for our little township.
I nearly always arrive about the same time, and usually am #5 or so. Guess the folks at the courthouse are going to be up very very late tonight counting ballots!
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I got to our very small rural place to vote (an old one room school house!) at my regular time of about 7:15. We have 2 voting machines and both had people at them when I went in, but no one standing in line. So by the time they got me signed in, I was able to go to a machine to cast my vote. (Oddly enough they didn't tell me what number I was. Usually my wife & I are the first 5 or so to vote.)

My wife hasn't gone yet as she is still trying to decide who to vote for. She doesn't like some of the ones already in office seeking reelection, but doesn't like the alternative person who is running!!!!!!

Seeing as how there seems to be a very large turnout, I wonder if some of the polling places will have to remain open longer than usual due to people still waiting in line at closing time?

Yep, I'm guessing many people will be counting votes way into the late night / early morning hours!
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