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Lines at the polls this morning

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I got to the township building at 7:15 this morning and there was no place to park! Cars filled the lot and were parking out on the road. A line out the door meant a fairly long wait, but also a chance to say good morning to the neighbors. Inside I found that I was #59. VERY unusual for our little township.
I nearly always arrive about the same time, and usually am #5 or so. Guess the folks at the courthouse are going to be up very very late tonight counting ballots!
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I already voted last week, but the lines were supposed to be long here in the city. At work, our department manager told everyone to go ahead and vote without worrying about being docked for being late to work. There's always a lot of work to be done in the mornings, but so long as you're voting, there's no penalty for being late on election day. Thank goodness! I'll bet it will take some people hours.
Good grief! DH can't find his wallet this morning so now he has to tear the house apart so he can try to vote. He didn't want to go with me to vote early, and now I'm trying not to say it....
DH found his wallet and went to vote. No lines, no wait, maybe only a dozen people going through the process.
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