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Discussion in 'Bible Fellowship Forum' started by Kung, Nov 22, 2006.

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    Jan 19, 2004
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    Pursuant to discussions :p by more than a few of the mods, we're opening the forum up for discussion again.


    Most everyone knows here that there are things that we will and will not tolerate. Chuck made his stance on this forum not being a venue for discussions of religions not compatible with Christianity (he was specifically speaking about Mormonism, but it's not just about that - it applies to ALL of them), and that is supported by Cyngbaeld and I, as well as others (mods and posters).

    Inappropriate/snide/rude comments, complaining, backbiting, sniping, etc. - none of those will be tolerated. We have absolutely no problem with discussion....but everyone remembers the state of this board just before it was shut down, and I don't think anyone wants a return to that kind of behavior, nor will we allow a return to it.

    There will be times when we'll have to close threads and possibly not notify anyone via PM; understand that we'll make every effort to do so IF we can, but even now, as I type this, I'm @ work in my capacity as a network administrator, and do what I can, as I can; so if you have questions or concerns, that is fine - but just as you would do when posting, be polite and respectful if you have a question or concern.

    Edited to add: Reopening this thread so that people can ask questions and stuff here instead of being forced to create another thread or PM me. Sorry. :eek:

    Another addition :p - No, we have no problems with people stating their beliefs - and yes, this DOES go for everybody (Mormons, JWs, etc.) However, there is a caveat and a requirement - if you're going to do so (this goes for everybody), you *have* to post supporting Scripture (we think at least 3 verses will be good), and at least one of them has to be from the NT. Just as it's not right to totally discount OT teachings (Jesus Himself said "I came not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it"), it's also not right to totally discount NT teachings. If you're going to use Scripture, it needs to be used in its entirety - OT *and* NT.
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    Because Matt and I are both busy and sometimes don't have time to hang on the forum all day, there may be times we temporarily suspend a thread till one or both of us has time to read the entire thing and think about it. That doesn't necessarily mean there was anything wrong with the thread, just that it was growing rapidly at a time when we were busy.

    I hope everyone will enjoy the discussions and have respect and the Love of Christ for one another.

  3. Gideon

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    Sep 14, 2005
    Glad to see it opened again. Had left for other places but like it here even if I get "fussed" at occasionally. Will never try to slow the kingdom's growth or lessen Christian love's influence. wc
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    I promise I will behave :angel: and correct any of my Bible quotes if need be :D I have to recite most stories and such from memory...I am not Christian but grew up as such. If you don't mind having me, I would be honored to post on this part of the board :bow: