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lavender question

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I am admittedly not much of a gardener, so forgive me if this is a dumb question...

In his frenzy to clean up some of the dead plants for spring growth, DH cut off the lavender plant, chopping off all the leaf/stalks down to about 2-4 inches from the ground.

Will the lavender grow back? As far as I could tell, it had not yet sprouted any new growth for spring.

I hope it can recover.....

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Yes :)

Lavender is a perennial plant. Even if those particular sprouts he cut of don’t make it, there will surely be more to follow. I use to run over little patches when mowing the lawn and they’d sprout up again overnight.
My husband has taken it upon himself to "help" me weed my flower garden when he thought it was overdue... I lose plants that way... he doesn't know what's planted there and I've found plants yanked and weed whacked in areas that are CLEARLY the flower garden after he has "helped". I love him for trying, but I tell him he is NOT allowed to weed anything!
Lavender is supposed to be trimmed back each spring. He did you a favor!!
Thanks for all the info. :)

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