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I just tried a laundry detergent sheet.
I didn’t even know they existed until a week or two ago.
No complaints, it dissolved quickly, light scent, takes up no room in the cabinet, so far so good.
Anyone else use them, any special brand, thoughts?
I’m thinking of switching over to them completely.
I tried the Clearalif brand.

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I'm afraid that, if I buy them, I'll repeat what happened when I bought soap nuts: nuthin'.

They sit on the shelf next to the washer.

Think I'll try the soap nuts, and after that experiment, move on to the sheets.

Are the sheets okay for front loaders?

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using arm and hammer powder have been for years , unscented clear free , started when washing baby cloths and they are all adults now.

bought it in a bucket years ago and that bucket has been refilled by the cardboard boxes for probably a decade.
the bucket says 183 loads I think we got closer to 366
the boxes say 100 loads and I think we get more like 200 loads

i have a Table spoon measure in the bucket each load gets a table spoon and that seems to work fine.

buy a box about every 6 months if it wasn't for 5 peoples laundry we might buy a box all year
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