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Latest project; '73 Thing

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Finally got the parts from my client (mostly mechanicals), but got bored waiting for them, so I started on the wheels and new tires and rust busting. As of today

More pics in the album. Just wanted to share as this "thing" attracts more attention than my '65 T-Bird :awh: . Hope you like it.
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Had one years ago-great vehicles!
Your own personal panzer, cool! Crazy prices for those "things" around here.
Can you tell that mower to turn around... it can't see to drive looking that way!

Just kidding... it looks like a good restore project, although I know very little about them specifically.
It's for a client. I can not believe the attention this gets, especially considering the condition. Mostly cosmetic, but still...
Simplest car I've ever done; unibody, 50 hp engine, almost completely flat body panels...a resto dream, unlike the 40 Plymouth I fat fender looks, hate fat fender repairs.
Thanks for the comments.
I think the Iltis is somehow related to the Things, they certainly look very similar. In some parts of Ontario, you see quite a few Iltis vehicles... although they're more military than the Thing.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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