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Although, I'm not exactly positive why you had problems with your muscovey hatching her eggs in my opinion there was quite a lot of interference from you. No offense meant there. All of my muscovey hens find or make their own nests and I let nature take it's course. I generally DO NOT mess with the nests or the eggs until it's several days past hatching. Sometimes I even wait until I absoluetly smell rotting eggs. And then I wait until they're off the nest to eat and drink before I take a peek. I don't candle or exchange eggs with other ducks, etc. I take a glance at the duck while doing chores and that is all. Sure my ducks might be sitting on a few unfertile eggs, but within a day or so of the fertile ones hatching the hens have kicked out the unfertile ones.
I'm not sure if your muscovey hen will accept your other boughten ducklings. Try slipping a few under her at night. With some of my breeds of ducks, this works. Others it doesn't. Have a brooder prepared just in case. I know it's sad when baby animals die. There has been a few occassion where I feel like I've failed my animals. But like my six year old daughter tells her city grandma, "things like this happen sometimes." Don't feel too bad. Everyone has a different opinion of how "involved" we should be in our animals lives. I feed, water, provide shelter, first aid when they are hurt, and assistance WHEN needed with the larger livestock during birthing but otherwise I pretty much let them do what's instinct for the animals. Hope this helps. Becky
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