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birdie_poo said:
I had a buck that seemed to take forever for his testes to drop. think it's a genetic disorder, because of the offspring, I thought I had seperated the does and bucks, but found some dead kits over a couple day span...meaning I have at least 1 buck in with them does!

I did another rub-down, and think I have the offender singled out.

Do you think this will affect those does ability to kindle in the future? I'm afraid that first time experience will make bad mothers out of them. Heck, I have one that refuses to use a box, and builds her nest on either side of it, and she was one of the victims of my confusion.

I'm not quite sure exactly what the question is here.....

Bucks will not kill kits as a rule. Adults fight, but usually no adult rabbit will kill offspring unless there is a big problem. "Brothers and sisters" if kept together from birth will not breed, either, nor will they usually fight. (In fact... if you keep males and females together, even if you TRY to breed them, it will take several weeks of being seperate before they will - in a cage situation, anyway.)

I'm sure there could be a problem with testicles not dropping, any animal can have that problem, but are you sure you are not talking about a female with an ovary problem? THey can manifest in similar ways. (check for a penis, not testicles...)

This should not be a problem for the doe.

I take it that you either have a warren or are housing several does in one large cage? I would start by getting everyone into their own space. Its impossible to keep records well enough to determine the real problem if everyone is all together - at least for now.

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