Last Saturdays whistle pig hunt

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    Received a call from a farmer who wanted us to come and do something with his ground hog population. Said he has always had them around and they never bothered him much because they never seemed to eat much of his alfalfa. But they are now digging in the fields and making a mess. He was told we could help him out so the calls went out to others in our group.

    Was John and his disabled cousin Mikey, Dean and myself this time. Since the last time I had went whistle pig hunting with these guys I had fell on a broken tree branch stub in the grass and ripped open my recent replaced knee incision and spent 3 hours in ER. My clown friends just had to make sure I was prepared this time. We got Mikey’s specialty built side by side unloaded then the guys brought out my new first aid kit. The kit contained 2 maxi pads since the last time I had bled really bad and scared Dean some thing awful, several rolls of gauze in different widths, some white medical tape, a part of a roll of duct tape and a few needles and spool of white thread plus bottles of disinfectants and tubes of salves.

    Now that the laughs had subsided we headed out to the hunting fields. John went with Mikey and set up on a hill side overlooking one field, Dean and I worked down a fence line near a few trees to set up. Dean and I had not even reached out spot when we heard Mikey’s 222 mag fire, soon followed by Johns 204. Dean and I finally got all set up and started looking for chucks in the field, that had recently had half taken off as green chop for the cows. Soon I spotted a couple and told Dean to take the closer one on my signal. I saw mine fall and do a single kick and Deans also die. Dean was using a Ruger 77 17 wsm he had recently found at a gun shop used gun rack and bought.
    Finally we were not seeing any more chucks and not hearing any firing from John and Mikey.

    I was just telling Dean we should go pick up the chucks and go see how John and Mikey were doing when we saw them drive over the hill. We had gotten 16 whistle pigs between us in just over 5 hours. Decided we would take them to Johns and butcher them out. John knew a family where dad had a stroke and they were having a tough time so we called and they took 10 of the pigs from us the other 6 we divided up between our selves.

    When cleaned properly they cook up great and taste great too.

    :D Al
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    I used to give mine away to aa black guy who was pleased to get them, gave him 47 one year..