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Last kids of the season and they are cuties!

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My mini Nubian had triplets last night. I just sold two goats so she had to push me back in numbers again. It keeps happening, I sell two and get two plus. Since she was the last one pregnant maybe now I can reduce my number a bit.
I had checked her earlier in the day and she had opened a bit but nothing going on goo-wise so I checked again later still nothing, come out an hour later and triplets! Two bucklings and a doeling and they are too cute. The one buckling must have been a bit squished and wants to splay his legs backward. I have been massaging them and he is improving but I think I will get some BoSe from the vet just to be safe.

The doeling:

I think this little guy is adorable the picture does not do him justice:

The one my daughter says has "evil" looking ears:

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They are second generation Mini Nubians. No they do not have blue eyes. I would like a blue eyed buck. I could ask Santa but I think he would be too stinky and eat the tree.
Gremlin or Yoda is what I think I will call him, lol.
Minelson go and get Gretta AND Flossie pregnant, just buy your hubby a nice present :) Mine when I am too nice to him says, " OMG what is coming to live with us now!!" :rolleyes:
Maybe it is their ears but these guys are so cute I just want to squeeze their little faces.
Thanks all for the nice compliments on the kids.
Minelson I use to think the same way. Oh I am going to get attached and won't be able to sell.
But you be surprised when you have alot of goats just who you will sell.
I had that one 6 week old wether that come to me all frostbitten and almost lost his front hooves. I thought.... I like this little guy he is so sweet and we got so close during the battle to keep his feet I will keep him. Well I sold him. He was an extreme humper! He would chase the does down and hump forever and I had to sell him before summer hit or he would heat exhaust these girls. A little sad but not too much. He is in a great home with another goat as a friend and no more humping till you drop.
I had a little pygmy girl who was so utterly sweet and cute. But she did not like other goats very much. I got her a friend close to her age and she swore that goat was trying to "kill" her. Constantly thinking they were out to get her and just did not belong in a larger herd so I sold her to a very nice lady that has 4 other does. They are both happy and it worked out well.
The babies can be harder so I start selling the ones I do not like as much as others. They might be cute but some do wear on the nerves more than others. Of course I keep some but not all.
So ahead get them pregnant and have some May babies :D
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