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Lasik's Anyone?

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My husband has been wanting me to get Lasik's. My sister had it done last year and absolutely loves it. Well, the clinic sent her a coupon for $400 for friends and family. I made an appointment and now it's actually coming closer!

Do you think Lasik's is worth the money? It's going to be $1800, plus travel expenses (we have to spend the night in a hotel). It just seems like a ton of money and I CAN see, I just need my glasses or contacts for driving, watching TV/Movies, when I go walking ect. I don't wear them all day, maybe half the day or less, depending on what I'm doing.

My husband and sister feel like it is a medical expense and is very much worth every penny. I don't know, I probably just don't like to spend money on myself.

Just curious about if anyone else has had it done?
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I don't think you should do it because your husband or anyone on this board wants you to.
Make up your own mind.
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