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lantern holder

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how many times have you tried to find a place to hang a lantern, and ended up leaving it on the ground?[where it doesn't shed as much light, and can get knocked over]
I got 2 10' lengths of 1/2 conduit, and cut them into 6 equal length pieces[3'4''each], then tapped in some wooden plugs and scewed in an eye on 3 of them, opening up 1 eye and putting that through the other two, effectively joining all three.Then I hung a S hook from one of the eye's and that held the lantern.I picked up some light chain and attached that to 3 of the pieces so when the tripod was extended it couldn't collapse.I am using regular conduit joiners to connect each of the two lengths, so as to make each leg 6'8'', but that isn't too strong,so I think I;ll fit simple ferrells instead.Anyway, I't;s simple,cheap, easy to make and portable and holds the lantern up high enough to shed the most light, and being a tripod, is stable on uneven ground.I used it on a hunting trip, great when you have to dress game after dark, or any other place you need to hold a light up and a tree isn't handy
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Huh???? What's the big deal here? We just hand ours from a cable hooked to the ceiling of our cabin. The cable follows the ceiling and then down the sidewall so we can raise and lower the lantern from a comfortable height.
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