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Landscaping,Home building plans

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I was looking for a program, site, or downloadable material. Looking for something that would help you design a landscape, doing interior design or exterior on a house that sort of thing. Where you can set dimensions, and have little graphics for stuff that u just point and click and you can print out a blueprint so to speak, or map. It doesn't have to be fancy. Any info would be great

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Ive never used this but a lot of people I know have had good luck with it. Fairly easy to learn. If you check this link it will tell you more and theres a link to places to buy it as well. Good luck.
We have a program that we bought back in '97 or '98 for designing houses. It's called 3D Home Architect and is put out by Broderbund. I'm sure they have a newer version by now, but we used this one to draw up a floorplan when we did a total remodel on our old home (only thing 'original' to the building afterwards were the foundation, floor joists, four outer walls, roof and one interior wall!!). We also used it to design our new home that we built ourselves. Our version will do print outs of floor plans and elevations, but not blueprints. But it sure was handy to go to an architect and hand him the printouts saying "here, this is what we want, draw it in blue so the bank and building permit people will be happy". Saved quite a bit of money versus having to hire an architect to sit with us and find out what we wanted.

Now that the house is built, I'm interested in finding a software program for landscaping. I think there are some out there with the capabilities to input your own house so you can see exactly how different landscape schemes will work for you, but I haven't seen those programs myself at this point.
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If I'm not mistaken, Broderbund has a program similar to the 3D Architect which is specifically for landscaping... They also have a great gardening program, and I think an herb one as well.

I got my gardening one ages ago off of one of those 'pay the shipping only' sites - its fully functional, and has survived through three different climate zones... Been thinking about getting these others, too, just no spare cash (I keep spending it on the barter board!!!)

I rearranged my ANNOYING living room online at (I THINK that was the addy).. but do a search.. I could put in dimensions, etc. It was GREAT!! I'm sure they had outside plats too!
One that we used to design our home and farmstead was
There is a free 30 day free trial and then you can purchase for $20 or $30. This one allows you to change your plan size from 3x3 to 2500x2500 or so. I've also used this in the classroom with MS and HS students so it is very user friendly.

Also used Better Homes and Gardens as an interior design program.
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