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Hey everybody.
I don't post here much mainly because many people here are much more knowledgable than me or they plan just beat me to the punch, but I do read a lot here and learn a lot from this forum, more so than from other forums where I lurk and I'd like to give a little something back to y'all.

One thing I have noticed is that many who come here are looking for land to buy for a homestead. Many times they come here asking for links to realtors or land brokers in various areas and the members here are always quick to help by pointing them to the approprate web sites.

I too have been looking for land for a few years and have accumulated a lot of links to land all over the US, and I thought it might be useful to people if there was a place that they could go to search for land links that was geared toward homesteaders.
So, I have put together a web site consisting of land links that I have come across on my travels around the WWW.
Most of the links are for what I consider to be affordable land and many of the listings offer owner financing.

I am also hoping to include links that will help the buyer to learn more about the areas or at least the state that they are interested in. Such as, Geographical info, Laws and climate info. I would also like to include thing like where the local livestock auctions are, sources for materials and other helpful information.
I have seen a lot of it posted here at various times in response to questions in threads and I would like to gather it all together in one place for easy reference.

The web site that I have put together is called The Homesteader's Land Resources at\HLR\HLR.htm I hope that you will check it out and feel free to contribute any info that you feel would benefit other homesteaders and potential homesteaders in their quest.

You'll find that some areas of the web site are a little sparse yet and there are probably a few mistakes, but putting this together gets a little overwhelming at times due to the amount of info that I want to include so any help or encouragement is greatly appreciated.

I hope you check it out and give me some feedback on what you think of it.
The Homesteaders Land Resources\HLR\HLR.htm
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This is a neat site, I have bookmarked it and will have to dig deeper into it when I have more time. The popups don't bother me, I have something called AdZapper...dh installed it, we get very few pop ups now. zap zap zap
Walter, I found what you have pretty interesting. I have been looking at land in TN. and thought you might like to have the 2 realestate sites I watch. Pretty good looking land for not much money. Let me know if interested. Hammer
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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