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You realize you dont actually NEED to have a realtor represent "your side"... You can opt to use the same realtor the sellers are using....
We ran into alot of the run around you are getting when we bought our land. Only ours involved a 92 yr old lady in a retirement home at the other end of the state from us and the land LOL... We gave leeway for her and her distance.. We however did NOT give leeway for stupid stuff like disclosures and improvements..Mainly because the office that was handling this property was perfectly capable of getting their butts in gear if properly motivated...We were in a 30 day escrow that got stretched to 60 due to the realtor not sending us disclosures until 1 week prior to our original closing date... Seems there was a wee matter of an easment that was sort of not mentioned. We made them remove it at thier expense... Who wants some water canal easment that was original designated for water run off from drilling for minerals running "Somewhere" on your property??? It was over 100 yrs old, not to mention water dredging isnt even legal anymore LOL....
Personal after 3 months I would be fuming... Perhaps this is the reason the land in question is still avail? I mean sheesh they either want to sell it or not..
As far as putting money up front all you have to do is write it into the papers that PRIOR to closing these things must be done, which at closing will be reimbursed... We put up NO MONEY up front when we got this place. The seller recieved no money until it closed escrow. Mainly because what happens if you have your money up front, say you pay for work they agreed to do etc, if your escrow falls out you are out the money.
You could of course put the money into an escrow account that is held until closing, that way if it falls out you dont loose money.
What exactly is sooo special about this particular stretch of dirt??
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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