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Okay - my goats are kidding in a few weeks and I have a neighbor selling off lambs about the same time...he keeps them on Mom for a week or so and then sells them for $25 each or thereabouts, depending on size and health. These are Suffolk crosses, same as my ewe that I have.

I will be separating out my kids form their dams so I can milk the Moms. I will be bottle feeding the little ones. Is there any reason why I can't also bottle feed a couple of lambs on the goats' milk, too? Would this be better for them than the milk replacer (which is spendy...)? Or is the difference in milk too great and they wouldn't thrive on it?

Looking for all my options - would love a couple of more lambs, but don't want to mess with milk replacer if I can help it.


That's why I have goats----to milk them and raise lambs (and calves when the lambs are weaned) They do great on goats milk. And much cheaper than lamb replacer, plus you have the does left at the end instead of a bunch of empty bags! $25 would be considered very pricey up here in Montana. I have my own bums now, but used to pay only $5 or $10 when I bought them. Maybe lambs are scarcer where you live.
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