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Lamb Meat

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I know nothing about sheep/lambs. I am not going to raise them, just buy lambs to take to slaughter.

What breeds are the best for meat? If I get them and they have wool, is that worth harvesting before they are slaughtered? Do lambs even have harvestable wool?

I would be buying them from the producer and am not concerned about them being sick, but are there any health concerns that could affect meat that I ought to be concerned about? I know goats have that thing that creates abcesses in the meat...something like that?

I have been told a lamb ought to weigh around 100 pounds live to dress out about right. Is that correct?

Anything else I might be missing?

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The lamb breeds that I know of around here are Hampshire and Suffolk. I don't know what they are good for. If they won't work, I'll just have to look further.
There are other producers around here...

Someone else told me that muslims don't like to pay alot. If they want to buy the whole animal, then all I have to do is buy them, haul them, tell their muslim blessing guy when to be there and then pick up the meat and deliver. I can just mark them up a bit and make a little money. Right now they are driving 3 hours to get the meat, so I think there's room for some profit.

I have had other customers asking for lamb. I'll just get them all blessed so I don't have to worry about selling a non-blessed lamb to a muslim. I suppose the non-muslims won't be the wiser and wouldn't care less if their lamb was blessed or not.

I hope Hampshires are a good breed. I like the guy who raises them, he does raise them all-natural and I know I could work a deal to buy all his lambs. He sells a few as breeding stock and the rest just go to the sale barn. There's someone else who raises Cheviot (sp?) but his are all on contract.

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Ross said:
Hamps are a terrific breed, fast even growing (compared to Suffolks who grow frame first) ideally suited for heavy lamb sales. They can be a bit hard headed is their main fault. As I said before I'd get the Halal butchering requirements required by your customers absolutely correct. There is more to it than a simple blessing, although I'm sure there are as many Muslim ideas on religion as there are Christian.
After looking on the internet about seems that what is acceptable to one group, is not to another. This guy said he just wants them blessed, though my processor said they can kill them as long as they sign a release form.

If I get any other muslim customers not associated with this guy, I'd be sure to clearly explain what was done so they don't accidently eat something they would not find suitable.

I don't plan on using the word "Halal".

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