LaMancha goats to buy near Galveston County

Discussion in 'Goats' started by FarmersDaughter, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. Once our barn is finished and we only just now got the pad down for the foundation, I would like to buy two LaMancha milk goats. Do any of you know of someone in my area, Santa Fe, TX about 30 miles south of Houston that is raising LaMancha or LaMancha X goats? I've never kept goats before, all my experience is with cows, so any and all advice would be appreciated.
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    I'm looking too! I've been looking for Nigerian Dwarfs or La Manchas but haven't had much luck in this area (I am an hour SW of Houston). I'm just looking for 2-3 pets/weedeaters/milk providers and not interested in showing so I'm not really willing to pay the show quality prices I've found ($300+). ~sigh~ Good Luck and let me know if you find anything please! Congrats on the new barn! :)

  3. After two weeks of looking, I've found a breeder that is in Waller County, 65 miles NW of Houston. From the looks of the website they are really into showing and their prices are pretty high $300. to $400. I'm not interested in showing either, just want good dairy goats. But all their goats probably aren't show quality and hopefully cost less. A good bloodline should be a plus, we don't have the room for a goat herd, so the goats offspring would have to be sold, and obviously there aren't many LaMancha in our vicinity, so mama should pay for herself over time. I also went back and searched the same sites for Nigerian Dwarfs and found a breeder that shouldn't be all that far from you. Have you heard of Holub Farms in Missouri City? They have Nigerian Dwarfs. I will email the LaMancha breeders for more info, and let you know. Holub Farms--P. O. Box 1534 Missouri City TX 77459. 281-261-8856. Email:
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    Jan 10, 2004
    Is there a link or telephone number for this breeder in Waller county?