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After a few months of basic physical activity, I returned to working on home improvements. I was adding a new electrical run that would go to a switch and power to two 8 foot led tubes that light the upper loft storage area in the barn loft. The lights are up at about 16 feet, in the highest peak area. Up and down the ladder many times in a few places. More because I was trying to figure out what parts I needed and how to get the wire from one area to that area.

I am hurting. :) Getting older shows how you need to do certain activities or you pay when you try to pick them up again.

My goal this week will be to climb up and down that ladder several times each day even after that particular project is done. I then plan to incorporate ladder climbing at least 3 times a week into my exercises.
Have an exercise machine I've been using for years. Basic stuff .. low bar, high bar, press. Don't use the butterfly, it messed up my shoulder a few years ago. Also use an incline bench for the abs, a few grip squats for the hands and
legs. In the afternoon I do 1/2 hour on the sole stationary bike. Monday through Friday without fail.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts