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Have an older Kohler KT17S engine on a Cub Cadet.
I can't find schematics on the engine yet alone on the fuel pump.
The questions are:
1. Concerning the fuel pump - took it apart - took the top off - can't find replacement partfor the check valves which are small rubber discs and don't remember the orientaion of the valves in the top, i.e., do the discs which are contained in metal housings go toward the body of the pump or thoward the lid?
2. The part of the pump that has a spring on a shaft with a thin rubber wafer at the top - I cannot find a replacement part for this.

Any help apprectiated.
Thanks in advance.

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doc, I am not a purest when it comes to repairs. I am more into function and reliability. At an Auto supply you can buy an electric fuel pump for a carb engine for $20+ and you could bypass the old mechanical pump. The second choice would be to mount the tank higher and gravity feed the carb.
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