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Kitties Getting Tapeworms???

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We just found out that our youngest kitty (about 10 months old) has a tapeworm. We already made an appointment at our vet...

About 4 months ago our orange tabby got a tapeworm and was treated. We checked the other 3 kitties at that point. They were worm free.

So, what is causing our kitties to randomly get worms???

They are strictly indoors, NEVER go out, unless they are in carriers and going to the vet. We don't have fleas... And after our 1st kitty got worms, I have been a freak about checking their litter to make sure there were no "signs" of worms...

The vet said the only think that causes tapeworms is the cat eating an infected flea.

Well, we flea combed all 4 cats, thinking MAAAAAYBE they could have a few fleas and we have been missing them... Nope, not even a speck of flea dirt on any kitty...

We are thinking about getting all 4 kitties wormed just as a precaution, but if we can't figure out how they are getting them, I am afraid that the cycle will just continue...

Do any of you have any idea what we may be missing? HELP!!!

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They can also get tapes from eating rodents.

But, they have never even seen a rodent, let alone been anywhere they could have captured and eaten one...

This is why we are so baffled...
They can get them from ingesting fleas.

I use these over the counter meds:
I'm wondering if it's round worms if you are finding it in the poop. Tape worm normally shows up as little flat pieces of rice sized white segments found on the fur around the anus.
You might have gotten her with tapeworm already too if she is only 10 months.
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