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    I had read in an earlier post that colosterum comes in right at the kidding stage. My doe seems to be overdue (not for sure the exact date of breeding) and the other day I checked her milk (she has uddered up but not completely) expecting to see the clear pre-milk but it was yellow and greasy like colostrum. Should I be concerned and is it time to call a vet?
  2. Have you checked her tendons at tail base? If they feel loose she is near to kidding.

    How is she eating? This is usually a good indicator of health, she should drop off feed a little as she approaches labor. Having said this....4 out of 5 of my does will eat while giving birth! I take treats to help keep blood sugar up and they all seem to deliver when I'm close by....go figure!

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    Well first I should have corrected the former thread, but colostrum is colostrum for about 3 to 4 weeks before kidding, sometimes even further than this. The birth or hormones of the birth does nothing to the colostrum but make it come in more from the oxytocin a doe naturally produces. Think of it this way, the doe is uddered up with colostrum a long time before kidding, the kid drinks this as the first milk, what fills up the udder after this first milking is of poor quality than that first colostrum, we also know that the kids intestine shuts down from absorbing the antibodies at about 12 hours, so it makes no sense that the birth would have anything to do with the quality of colostrum. I am fairly certain the colostrum article on this and other things is on

    The only thing the vet could do is C secton the doe, or give her lutelyse which would start labor in 36 hours. In 18 years of raising goats, although I have had a doe go 3 days late with quads, I have never had a doe not kid. So just be patient. is a great site to spend time at while you wait, with good photos of kidding, and what is normal.

    Even us who have kidded out lots of does freak out waiting! Vicki