Kid and momma vaccinations

Discussion in 'Goats' started by Croenan, Feb 16, 2005.

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    I've been reading the older posts about kid vaccinations and had a couple of questions.

    For the Bo-Se on the kid, do I give in SubQ or IM and where? She's 3 days old, that's when i read to give it to 'em. I give momma a nice mineral mix and a block, so she should be ok, maybe baby will get it through the milk and I can skip it? What do you think?

    I hear that probios is supposed to be given today as well to get their rummen started? Any thoughts on that? Seems odd since she's only drinking milk now anyway.

    Tetanis.....none of mine have had the shots before....think I should still give it to baby? I really don't want to give her anything than what she might really need.

    Can I worm mom this early? She is due for her worming and I also noticed that her poopies are clumpy...not normal for her...but it could be the first BM since baby was born. I have had a time with coccidia in the daddy. Am I on track to worm baby at 6 weeks....I think that's what I read.

    What about this entertoximia? Can I vaccinate for that or just watch how she eats? Not sure i understand that one.

    And what is in the CD/T adn what's it for?

    Just want to be a good mommy! Thanks!
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    CD/T is the tetanus vaccine. It is given SubQ (great care should be taken NOT to inject into the muscle on this one). You can give right behind one of the front legs. Remember to clean the area first with a cotton swab and alcohol (just like when you get a shot at the doctors), and always use a new needle for every shot for every goat. Check the site of inject for several days to make sure no infection occurs.

    The doe should have been vaccinated before kidding. This will then be passed to the kidds through the colostrum. If the mother was given the CD/T, then give kids a booster at 2 months of age.

    If mother was not given the CD/T, then give kid a shot, 1.5 cc at 3 to 4 weeks of age.

    You can purchase CD/T on line at Caprine Supply or Jeffers Livestock or from your local livestock supplier (eg Tractor Supply).

    A really good book for you to have is: Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats by Jerry Belanger. Alot of suppliers carry the Storey line of books, or you can get from

    Also, find a good large animal vet, and have them come a do a herd check, and go over the course of actions you should take with your herd. The are normally very good at supplying you with things so that you can do everything yourself. My vet's goal is for goat herders to be able to do everything for themselves except in extreme emergencies or TB testing.

    Good luck.
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    CD/T is 2 cc's no matter what the size of the goat is. Bo-Se should be given as soon after birth as possible. The CD/T also covers the over eating. It's a good idea if all the goats are vaccinated for tetanus. The CD/T will need to be given again 3 weeks after the first shot & then once a year after that.
    Probios isn't necessary since the rumen isn't really functioning until they start eating hay & grain.
    THe mom should be wormed the day she kids. So yes, do that ASAP. I worm kids the first time at 3 weeks old.