Kenmore Frontloader Repairs

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  1. We bought a Kenmore frontloader just over two years ago (barely!) and have absolutely loved it, until now. The spin began to be off-balance and makes horrible noises during the final spin. It no longer spins to the speed it should, which leaves the clothes almost sopping wet. Sears repair came out and w/out looking at the machine explained that it was a broken screw that caused the problem and that they don't sell the screw. We would need a whole new outer shell ($224) and most likely a new drum/basket ($289) and then there's labor on top of that. All in all it would cost more to repair than we paid for the washer itself. Because of the cost the repair guy said, since it cost so much to repair they would "provide" us w/ a coupon for $65 off of a new machine. Outragious! This obviously isn't the first time they've done this.

    Has anyone else had any problems or does anyone have any suggestions? We are completely frustrated about the cost and do not want to have to go out and purchase a new washer when we only purchase this one 2 years ago!!
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    I am assuming that you have checked with the manufacturer, or your owners manual/warranty...often two years is within the time frame of no labor provided, but parts paid for.

  3. Our warranty expired a year ago...
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    Write a very detailed letter of complaint to Sears. You want to go to the President/CEO or as close to the top as you can get-you really need a name. A web search will usually find it for you. Detail every Kenmore product that you have ever purchased. Describe the problems with the new washer, again in detail (detail is everything!) Then go on to say that appliances such as the new front loaders are very expensive and should have a working life beyond 2 years. Look up the warranties on other front loaders in the same class as your Kenmore...if they are better be sure to strongly indicate the difference in warranty length.

    Conclude with the fact that you will be advising your friends, neighbors, co-workers that Sears won't stand behind the Kenmore name. The letter WILL get you attention from Sears, and they will either cover the costs, or split them with you.

    I've done this on a bunch of stuff that broke right out of the warranty period. I've the compressor fixed on a refridgerator-completely paid for as their was a problem with that compressor on all 'fridges made at that time by that company, I got John Deere (I curse John Deere! and spit on their name) to pay for 1/2 a new engine on a $6000.00 garden tractor that bit the big one 4 months out of warranty. That took so doing, but I perservered. I've got sneakers replaced, all kinds of stuff. I spend my hard earned and the product ought to last a while, in my humble opinion.

    If you have to write more than one letter, or if it takes them more than a week or so to get back to them, get nasty. I have a complaint letter to do on an above ground pool cover. It's still under warranty tho so It shouldn't be too much of a problem. My DH said I'm a dog worrying a bone, I just won't let it go, but I do get results (grin)

    Stacy in NY
  6. Update to the Situation:
    After speaking with another service repair company the problem w/ this washer most likely was legitimate and the biggest problem was that it was a Frigidare manufactured item for Kenmore. We shopped around to several retailers (Costco, Lowes, & Sears) and priced the models we were interested in. When we got to Sears their prices were by far the hightest, but they price matched the lowest price we found. And, after griping to the salesman he grabbed the manager that walked by and we then told her the extent of our situation. Because it was too expensive to repair, because we originally purchased our washer from Sears and (I think) because I griped, they gave us half of our origonal purchase price toward whatever machine we purchased. So, they gave us a $325 credit, we used the $65 coupon that the repair man gave us and they are not going to charge us for delivery and installation. They had our exact same washer on clearance (it was a return) and with the discounts only paid $97 for it!!! We did decide to purchase their 5 year service plan/extended warranty and we purchased the same thing for the dryer all at 10% off. Soooo- for almost $400 we got a new washer- an exact replacement- and 5 year service & warranty for our washer & dryer. Sears really impressed us today and more than made up for yesterday.