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I can vouch for the mineral oil. When I was a kid and one of my chores was to tend the vegetable garden, that's what we used to do. As I recall, when the tassels first form, you put a few drops in the center of the tassel silk. I guess the worms don't like it and won't go in. Or lay eggs, or whatever they do to get in the corn. But I think the secret was to do it early, before they became infested. And I think you only had to do it once.

You could either use an eye dropper or a squeeze bottle to make the job less messy.

We never did find anything to keep the potato bugs away except for a dose of M-1. Worked like a charm! But before that, we used to hand pick them and drop them into kerosene. When we got a full jar, we'd burn 'em. Whew! What a stink!

My grandfather loved to tell stories. When I'd complain about all those potato bugs he'd tell me of an old invention for getting rid of the potato bugs. It was 2 blocks of wood and it came with these instructions:

"Step #1: Place potato bug on one block of wood.
Step #2: Slam the second block onto the first block"

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