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Keep your eye in the sky monday morning

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Most of you might be outside in the morning tending to your critters, The shuttle Discovery could be passing over your head.
This has only been done twice since that bad accident in 2003.
I just love the sonic boom.
For some reason I have always made a effort to be outside for these things, The time will depend on where you live.
So get out there with your family and enjoy just might be one of the last times you will be able to enjoy as the shuttles are being put to rest.Paula
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Where can I learn what time it will pass over us? Do I need to get up 4:00 or 10:00 and why are the shuttles being put to rest?
Well, heck - it's not gonna go over where I live. :( I'd have liked to see it.

Heritagefarm, the shuttles are aging and being retired from service. has a space stuff tracking page. You punch in your postal code and it tells you what is flying overhead in your area at any given time. Sometime they have a detailed history of the junk that is up there.
I live in a Dark Sky Preserve and can see the stars and stuff very clearly at night.
Dang! I was up all night and it passed right over me and I still missed it.

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