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kate's November book list

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As promised, here's a list of USED BOOK titles that might be of interest to people on this forum. Bear with me for just a few logistics:

Shipping is 3.50 for the first book and $1 for each additional title. No tax - if you're a PA customer, we'll deduct it from store profit to keep things simple.

If you're interested in a title, send me a message and I will respond with an email that links right in to me at the store - this will speed things up for you. But let me know the title(s), so you have dibs. I will also include the information you'll need to actually make the payment (check or paypal).

I will probably do a better job choosing titles for the December list since I'll have an idea what generates enthusiasm. Plus, we'll start diverting likely titles as they enter the store, so I'll have more at hand. This list represents a handful from the areas in which I was doing some work today.

I will edit the list and mark titles sold once you tell me you're going to purchase it. But take heart, every one of these book titles will show up at the store again, so if you don't get one you want, odds are you'll see it on another month's list.

DJ = there's a dustjacket; SC = softcover, HB = hardback. This is a USED BOOK STORE. Unless indicated otherwise, the books show some signs of having been previously loved.

Harper and Rows The complete Field Guide to North American Wildlife, western edition, HB, 1981, $9

The Wild Palate, Nancy and Walter Hall, subtitled A Serious Wild Foods Cookbook, 1980, HB, $8.95

Homeopathic Medicine at Home, subtitled Natural Remedies for Everyday Ailments and Minor Injuries, 1980, Maesimud B. Panoc MD and Jane Heimlich, SC, $6

An Introduction to Repairing and Restoring (Books, clocks, furniture, pottery, porcelain, prints, paintings, frames, silver, pewter, brass) HB 1981, each chapter written by a different person, $9

Good Cheap Food, Miriam Ungerer, 1973, DJ slightly torn, HB, $5

Putting Food By, Ruth Hertzberg, Beatrice Vaughan, Janet Greene, HB 1971, DJ slightly torn, $8

The Perils of Prosperity 1914-32, William E. Leuchtenburg, SC, $6

(SOLD) The Joy of Handweaving, subtitled The Complete Step by Step Book of Weaving Methods, Osma Couch Gallinger, a bit beat up, HB, DJ, $6. (Note from Kate: I've collected a lot of craft books over the years and I won't list any here that are geared to bored rich women looking to make something to show off at their next social event, okay? Any craft-related books I list will be 'real'.)

The Field Guide to Wildlife Habitats of the Eastern US, Janine Benyus, SC 1989 $9

Billy Ray's Farm: Essays from a Place Called Tula, by Larry Brown, SC 2001 $6

Grass, subtitled The Everything Everywhere Plant (note from Kate: just so we're clear, this not not about pot) by Augusta Goldin, 1977, HB, DJ, some tears, $7

Wood Heat by John Vivian, 1976, HB, $6

(SOLD) The Natural Soap Book, subtitles Making Herbals and Vegetable Based Soaps (note from kate: lye based, not the melt and pour stuff) 1995, SC, $6

The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, subtitled Economic Changes and Military Conflict from 1500 to 2000, SC, Paul Kennedy, $6

Duck Decoys and How to Rig Them, Ralf Coykendall, 1955, HB, $9

Modern Survival, subtitles Outdoor Gear and Savvy to Bring you Back Alive, Dwight Schuh, HB, DJ, $9

Mountaineering - the Freedom of the Hills, 2nd edition, 1970 printing, Manning, ed., $18.00

Theory and Practice of Ice Cream Making, Hugo H. Sommer, HB, beat up, 1935, $12.00 (note from kate: couldn't resist adding this one, it's actually really awesome if you're a total geek like I am)

How to Train Your Bird Dog, Horace Lytle, HB $12

The Education of a Turkey Hunter, William Frank Hanenkrat, HB, DJ, 1974, $14

The Furniture Doctor by George Grotz, 1962, HB slightly torn DJ, $6

Women and Wilderness, subtitled Women in Wilderness Professions and lifestyles, Anne LaBastille, HB $9

How to Make the Play the Dulcimer, Chet Hines, ex-library book, HB, DJ plus plastic cover, $14.

Hawkins Electrical Guides, book 4 and book 5. 1917, fake leather sort of cover (not sure exactly) each is $10.00

Hundred Dollar Holiday, subtitled The Case for a More Joyous Christmas, Bill McKibban (note from kate: author's name might be spelled incorrectly, I can't read my handwriting) HB DJ $6

Still Cove Journal, Gladys Taber, HB, $9; we have other Gladys Tabers too, send me a message if you want more titles of hers

The Country Diary Herbal, Sarah Hollis, HB, could pass this one off as new, $12

Military Hygiene, Med. Dept of US Army, 1917, HB, loose pages and faded cover, 3rd edition, $9

Wind / Solar Energy for Radiocommunications and Low Power Electronic / Electric Applications, Edward M. Noll, SC, 1975, $15

The Woodturner's Bible, subtitled A Complete Guide to Using a Lathe, Percy W. Blandford, SC, $9

Healing with Whole Foods: Oriental Traditions and Modern Medicine, SC, Paul Pitchford, 1993, $6

(sold) Wild Season, by Allan W. Eckert HB $7 (SOLD)

Peterson Guide: A Field Guide to Wildflowers, Roger Tory Peterson and Margaret McKeay, first edition 10th printing, SC $5

Peterson Guides: A Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs, George Petrides, 2nd edition, SC $5

The Audobon Society Field Guide to the Natural Places of the Northeast Inland (ME, NH, VT, CT, MA, NY) SC, residue from a sticker on the cover, 1984, $6

Woodswoman, by Anne LaBastille, subtitled Living Alone in the Adirondack Mountains, SC, signed by author, $6

Voices of Protest, Alan Brinkley, subtitled Huey Long, Father Coughlin and the Great Depression, SC $6

Fur Trapping: a complete Guide to Equipment and Best Techniques, Bill Musgrove and Gerry Blair, SC $9

Canoeing Basics for Beginners, Ray and Moraima Ovington, SC 1984 $8

The Military Book Club's Survival Handbook, Peter Darman, SC, $12

On Your Own in the Wilderness, Townsend Whelan and Branford Angier, HB 1958 $12

The End of Oil, Paul Roberts, SC $6

Trading Up: the New American Luxury, Michael J. Silverstein HB 2003 $8

Not by Fire but By Ice, 2nd ed, Robert Felix, SC, $6

The Great Crash 1929, John Kenneth Galbraith, SC $5

The Frugal Gourmet by Jeff Smith, HB DJ slightly torn 1984 $7

The Frugal Gourmet Whole Family Cookbook, Jeff Smith, HB DJ lisght tears 1992 $8

Also, the bookstore owner suggested that I mention these titles from the Outlanders, a post-apocalyptic series. These are all $3, and s/h for these would only be an additional 50 cents after your first book, not a dollar each as for the others, because these are all smaller. The number preceding each title is its place in the series.

12 Wreath of Fire
14 Hell Rising
15 Doom Dynasty
16 Tigers of Heaven
17 Purgatory Road
18 Sargasso Plunder
19 Tomb of Time
20 Prodigal Chalice
21 Devil in the Moon: the Dragon Kings book 1
23 Far Empire
24 Equinox Zero
25 Talon and Fang
26 Sea of Plague: Heart of the World Book 2
27 Awakening
28 Mad God's Wrath
29 Sun Lord
30 Mask of the Sphinx
32 Evil Abyss
33 Children of the Serpent
34 Successors
35 Cerberus Storm
36 Refuge
37 Rim of the World
38 Lords of the Deep
39 Hydra's Ring
40 Closing the Cosmic Eye
41 Skull Throne
44 Grailstone Gambit

Okay, whew, that's it for this first month. Look, I know there's a lot of areas missing, but that's because I've been snarfing up a lot of them myself. By next month there should be more books about foraging for food, raising poultry and other animals, beekeeping, canning and dehydrating food, and some other topics I've kind of personally wiped out at the store.

Remember, you send me a message with the titles you want, and I'll get back to you and give you an email address to use to wrap things up.

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