Katahdin Rams

Discussion in 'Sheep' started by animal_kingdom, Apr 5, 2005.

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    Mar 31, 2005
    With all this talk about aggressive rams I got to thinking...

    This is my first year with Katahdins and I never had a ram before. I want to purchase a Ram but you all got me nervous.

    So...I understand the basic rule with any animals, especially the males. We have other livestock. What I'm wondering is on average, how are the Katahdin Rams?

    Also, we just had our first two ramlambs born a week ago and then today (just the most gorgeous brownish red one was born shortly ago. Just beautiful!)

    I would also like to know how long to keep them together. With the goats, we just let them wean off in time- usually about 3 months. When do I separate them from the "women"? And I can keep them together for a while if they are all basically the same age?...maybe for about 6-8 months at the most they would be here until they are sold or butchered.

    Thanks for all your help and for sharing your experiences. They really make someone think a bit differently.

  2. quailkeeper

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    Aug 18, 2004
    I had a barbado ram a few weeks ago and switched to a Katahdin ram. My Barb was getting aggressive. But the Kat was never handled and he is great. He stays away mostly, he comes up to sniff my hand every now and then. He is gentle with the lambs and other ewes. My Barb actually "raped" a six week old Kat lamb I added to the flock :no: . Just try not to handle him at all. I've heard of some that are so gentle they can be lead around, etc but most just lose their fear of people and become aggressive. Ram lambs need to be weaned and seperated by two months old. They can breed at that age and may breed back their own mothers. If you are going to keep them longer I would band them around 10-14 days old. This is my first Katahdin ram and I love him. I have seen two others, one was gentle and distant the other had been tamed down and became very aggressive.

  3. MichaelK

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    May 6, 2004
    Upstate NY
    We have registerable Katahdin rams (16) for sale in upstate New York if you are interested.
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    Aug 12, 2002
    Never turn your back on any male when your females are in heat; they are just protecting their ladies.