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Vocational rehabilitation is paying for my to go back to collage and get a BA in Sociology.
I have rhumatoid arthritis and am in an electric wheelchair, also have involvment in my hands, wrists, neck etc.

Voc rehab will purchase durable educational equipment if it is justifiable to meet my training and employment goals.

Sooo, on that note, Can you help me explain why these items are needed, or make suggestions if you think there is something else out there that will work better for me. The idea if for me to be able to use this system for research, wrting as well as carry over to employment uses after I am done.

Here is what I am thinking.
Tablet PC - 4GB ram, 100 GB harddrive - CD/DVD - Media card reader etc

OCR software and Voice recognition software to cut down on my typing (hands and wrists)

docupen (some type of handheld scanner that can travel to the library with me)

Microsoft office 2007 Ultimate, and OfficeReady

SPSS 15.0 statistics software

Anything I might be missing?
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