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so i decided i was going to start raising rabbits as livestock a few years ago , and finally set it into motion this year .. i bought my doe on the 14th of march and then i got my buck just a few days ago, on the 23rd .. wanted to make sure they weren't litter mates by getting them on the same day and such. (two different breeds as well)

my buck is the one that wont eat.. i was told hes 8 weeks old and to only feed him pellets and hay and he was water-bottle trained. he is NOT water-bottle trained , i was wondering why he wasnt drinking out of the bottle so gave him a bowl of water and he sucked it down dry in seconds .. then i noticed he wasnt eating , and didnt have poop at all in his cage, so i picked him up and flipped him over and gently squeezed his butt and a clear mucus came out.

i called the place i got him from , and they told me to give him a little pepto to settle his stomach cause he was probably just scared of his new house.then to call back if he still had not pooped or ate by the next day. and so i syringe fed him some of that .. he lapped it up then i did the same with some water to get the rest of the medicine down.. next day i exam him , he still had the mucus , and still no poop in the cage ..

i called the place back and told the lady about what was going on , and she told me the only thing i can do is , try my best to keep getting the medicine in him , and try to syringe feed him some evaporated milk. and if he died rather then getting better i could get a refund for him...

it is now the 27th, and hes still not eating , but the mucus isnt coming out as much. before is was big globs...still no poop his ears are slightly chilled feeling compared to my doe , and he just lays there grinding his teeth .. i check his teeth their not busted , crooked or rotted.... he just wont eat ..

is there anything i can do ? or should i count him as a loss and put him out and get a new buck ? i dont wanna see him slowly starve himself.... i also wouldnt want this to be passed on to the kits if this is a genetic thing rather then a sickness.
1 - 2 of 64 Posts
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